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instant pot borracho beans

These beans! I started making this bean recipe years ago when my kids were little. Back before the Instant Pot, I would just slow cook them on a burner all day or cook them for hours in my Crock Pot. Either of those methods will work if you don't have an Instant Pot! I just love the speed at how fast they cook with this method.

You can make this recipe simply as borracho beans to serve with your favorite Mexican food, or you can add them to a blender and make the BEST homemade refried beans. Strain almost all of the juice off of the beans before adding to the blender. Central Market sells homemade flour tortillas in their bakery that are to die for. Make sure you grab a pack of these if you are going the burrito route. If you don't add the bacon, this recipe is basically FAT free and loaded with healthy ingredients. I have to be honest though and tell you that the bacon makes these next level good!

I'll pass on a similar ham & bean instant pot recipe when we get into November that uses your leftover ham bone from Thanksgiving. That one goes great with cornbread & is a perfect cold weather meal. It's not as healthy though. lol.

xo, Carrie


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