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instantpot chicken & broth

This is my go to recipe every week during the Winter. I love the flavor of homemade chicken broth so much more than that canned business at the grocery store! One chicken makes a huge amount of shredded meat that is very healthy and can be added to many recipes like sour cream chicken enchiladas & chicken tacos. You can add it to your salads for low fat protein throughout the week. The broth is rich & flavorful and enhances every homemade soup. My favorite is chicken tortilla soup.

I hope you get a chance to try this recipe. The clean up is a little messy, but it creates a great base for many easy recipes that you can make throughout the week. I love freezing the broth & shredded chicken to be used on weeks that I don't have time to cook the chicken from scratch.

xo, Carrie


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