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Summer to Fall

Fall is around the corner and I can't wait. This is by far my favorite season of the year, and I love to put on layers & shop for new boots. Corduroy, denim, flannel, leather... they are calling my name! I have two pieces of advice to offer as you gear up for Fall. One, look at what you already have. Tees, sleeveless tops, and short-sleeve tops can all be used in layering your new looks. Especially for those of us living in Texas, you might need to ditch the extra layers mid afternoon, so you'll be glad you have that option (insert heat flashes??). Second, pay attention to the boots/booties you wear. Unfortunately, boot styles do change yearly and I think it's the fastest way to look dated. If you have on the trendiest outfit and are wearing round toe booties from five seasons ago, you are not going to look put together. Sorry friend- just trying to help a sister out!

If you are in the market for new booties or need some more staples for your layering, I've got you covered. If you want to go more minimalist on your shopping and only want one pair of booties for the new season, I would opt for a more neutral color like the taupe above. Second choice, would be solid black and I would pick a suede fabric & not shiny leather.

  1. Vince Camuto Black Booties- Vince Camuto is a solid shoe brand and I find them to be comfy as well. Amazon offers a try before you buy option now. You can get these booties in at no charge and have a week to decide if they are right for you. I've been using this option recently and have enjoyed this new program.

  2. Taupe Booties- I found these booties at Wal-Mart and they look like an EXACT match to my Marc Fisher booties. Compare $200 against $50! If you only own one pair of booties, go with a color like this!

  3. Solid Tops- You definitely need some solid white and solid black basics in your closet for that layering look. These pictured above are on my website for 50% off right now (discount will appear at checkout).

  4. Denim- These jeans are also 50% off right now on the site. They are my favorite brand (Hidden), super comfy, high waisted, and have minimal distressing. These "mom" jeans will be a staple in my closet this season.

I hope you love Fall too & get excited over the idea of pumpkins, plaid, and falling leaves. I'm looking forward to sharing more Fall outfits with you soon. Until then, stay cool & dream about those pumpkin spice lattes that are just around the corner.




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