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summer kitchen finds on amazon!

Summer is here and the kids are home. It’s time to brighten up your kitchen with some fun, bright accessories.

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1. Glass Tumblers

Your family will love this 6 piece set of glass tumblers that are shaped like soda cans. New glasses can be an easy, affordable way to update your kitchen.

2. Summer Washcloths

The checkered ones are woven washcloths, available in thirteen color options and they come in sets of three. I love every color, but I chose “lemon” for my house!

The solid flour sack ones are 100% Cotton and 20X30.” These bright solids complement the checkered ones and will definitely brighten up your kitchen! I chose the Bali Cactus Crush for mine.

3. Cotton Dish Towels

This set definitely has an Anthropologie vibe to me, but these are much cheaper. Comes with a set of four 100% Cotton dish towels.

4. Nesting Mixing Bowls

Set of 4 different colors of mixing bowls with spout and handle. They are dishwasher safe and available in a good variety of other fun colors.

5. Cookbooks

I have found some of the brightest and cheeriest cookbooks out there. I love these stacked in sets of three on my kitchen counter. They will add instant color to your room. There are only a couple pictured, but I will include links to my 5 favorite that all have beautiful spines for book stacking. Also, most of these are available at Anthropologie, but Amazon has them at a noticeable discount!

6. Silicone Straw Set

I use silicone straws all day long and tend to drink so much more water when using a straw! This set comes with eight bright, flexible straws and two cleaning brushes.

Lots of love (and bright, happy colors!) from my kitchen to yours!




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