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college dorm ready

I'm not sure where the Summer went, but it's almost time for school to start. My baby is starting her Senior year. My middle child is starting his Junior year of college and my oldest is about to start grad school! How is that even possible? I've made a list of some good deals and some needed items for your kiddos dorm room!

All of the underlined titles below are shoppable & commissionable links :)

  1. Mattress Topper- If I could suggest only one item for your kiddos dorm room, it would be a good mattress topper. The beds in a dorm are honestly just gross and they are way too thin for good sleeping. The one I've linked is a little pricier than some, but we have personally bought this one and it is really cush!

  2. Vacuum- They won't have much storage space in a dorm room or first apartment. This stick vacuum is the perfect size and price point.

  3. Mini Fridge- This is my boy's favorite splurge item. A place to keep cold water and energy drinks or to store leftovers has been so helpful and in the long run has saved them a lot of money. One of my boys keeps a gallon of milk in his fridge and chugs half a gallon before bed for the extra calories. lol. The one I've linked is $50 off right now!

  4. Storage, Storage, Storage- You will need storage for under the bed, beside the bed, and in the closet to maximize their tiny space. Over buy and take it with you to move in. Wal-Mart and Target will be completely picked over on move in week. Take back what you don't need or what wont fit! - Six pack of stackables for under bed or stacked in the closet - Three drawer for closet - Over the door storage

  5. Shower Caddy- Here is a basic caddy that will hold everything needed to and from the bathroom

  6. Mini Steamer- There won't be enough room for an iron and ironing board. A mini steamer is the way to go for a dorm room.

  7. Mattress Pad- Back to the gross mattress talk... you HAVE to get a mattress pad and almost all dorm rooms have Twin XL beds so I've linked that size for you.

  8. Surge Protector - Don't forget the surge protector so you will have extra plug-in space!

  9. Velvet Hangers - This is the best deal I've seen. A pack of 100 for $25!

  10. Brita Water Filter - Hauling up cases of water to your dorm room can be a pain. This is an easy way to convince your kids to get enough water each day.

If you have a first kiddo leaving for college, I remember your pain. I remember DREADING that day of drop off. I promise you will survive and they will thrive! This is what you've prepared them for! All of the stores will be out of everything in your college town- prep ahead of time so you won't be stressed out. I felt way more relaxed leaving my first son at college when I knew his room was organized, decorated, and a comfortable space for him to live in once we left town.

You've got this momma! I made a list below of the most important items we wanted for starting out :)

Dorm Items Needed:

Bed: Pillow & pillow case


Extra throw blanket

Twin XL sheet set

Mattress pad

Mattress topper Dorm Stuff: Desk lamp Steamer


Trash can

Collapsible laundry bag


Full length mirror

Command hooks and tape

Extension cord

Surge protector

Storage bins for underbed and closet

Bathroom: Robe

Over the door storage hooks for robe & towels

Shower caddy Shower shoes

Towels/washcloths Extra toiletries like shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste

Bath Mat

Cleaning: Vacuum Lysol wipes Toilet bowl cleaner & brush Shower cleaner

Kitchen supplies: Brita filter Mini Fridge Cart for next to fridge Ziplock bags Tupperware Disposable cups, plates, napkins & silveware Snacks Paper towels Insulated water bottle Keurig & coffee cups Sick Kit: Get a small clear box and fill it with everything needed when your baby gets sick and you aren't there to take care of them- Saltine crackers Instant chicken noodle soup Kleenex with lotion NyQuil Tylenol COVID test Pepto Trust me, you will feel so much better the first time they are sick when you know they have these needed items!


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