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bold + bright summer color trends

Summer 2022 is giving way to BOLD color trends!

Designers really turned up the color on the runway this year showing us what is to come for summer style. They are calling it “Dopamine Dressing.” Color is associated with our emotions and can influence our mood. After living in isolation, having all events cancelled, and not knowing when our world would return to normal, it’s time to celebrate!

Designers brought in these bright, bold colors to reflect cheerfulness, freedom to be out and about, and that we now have events to dress for- YEE HAW!

The two biggest colors to add to your wardrobe: Hot pink and apple green! Even if you aren’t someone who likes to stand out in a crowd, add color in small ways—a pair of hot pink heels or a stack of bracelets in bright colors.

What else do you need to know about style for this summer:?

1- Floral Dresses- I’m sure you’ve been seeing them everywhere. From Target to Anthropologie, full patterned floral is a hot ticket item.

2- Dress Suits-More people are moving back into the office or just looking for a reason to dress nice. If you find a solid suit, you can break it up and wear the blazer with your favorite white jeans for a night on the town or the slacks with a cute top for a luncheon. Suits don’t have to be just for work!

3- Mini Skirts- I know I lost some of you at “mini," but this is a popular item this year so maybe you can find a “mini-ish” skirt or at least above the knee to pull in this style.

4. Cut-Out Dresses- Again, I lost some of you, but I did include a pic of a more modest cut-out dress to give you an idea of what you will see this season. Target has pulled in multiple designs in this cut-out trend.

Give it a try- add some color to your wardrobe and CELEBRATE being free to have a party, go on vacation, and roam the streets!




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