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amazon prime day kitchen deals

Oh my gosh! There are so many good deals that end tonight at 11:59 PM. If you haven't been Amazon Prime shopping since early yesterday morning, you are missing out. I've picked out a lot of great kitchen deals that I'll include below.

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  1. Air Fryer Last Summer my daughter spent a couple of weeks in Hawaii with a family friend and came home ranting and raving about the air fryer they used EVERY day while she was there. When we moved into our new house, I bought the same model as a "house" warming present for her... since it was our first Mom/Daughter only house. And let me tell you, I use it almost every day. I love to roast a huge tray of veggies in the oven at the first of the week and then warm them in the air fryer for quick lunches. The frozen sweet potato fries from Trader Joe's are unbelievable cooked here too. Things cook in half the time and don't heat the house. This size is what I use for Caitlyn & I. They have larger models if you are trying to feed a group of 4 or more.

  2. Can Shaped Glassware I have been eyeing these glasses for a while and found them at the best price I've ever seen on Prime today. Two sets went into my cart and I know I will love this updated and popular drinking glass. They are freezer & dishwasher safe and break & scratch resistant.

  3. Kitchen Storage Containers Who doesn't need extra storage containers in the pantry? These are BPA free. 2 extra large containers, 4 large, 4 medium, and 4 small included.

  4. Instant Pot So, this product has been around forever, but I do love mine and this price is really good. I use it almost weekly to make my own homemade chicken broth. I buy a whole chicken and it only takes 60 minutes to cook. I get 4-5 cups of shredded chicken breasts and a whole pot of broth that I freeze in freezer bags and thaw when needed. I'm happy to share directions if you need them.

  5. Countertop Ice Maker- SONIC ice!!! If you don't love Sonic ice, you can't be my friend. It's the very best. This machine can make up to 24 pounds of ice a day. I know this isn't cheap, but I had to share because it's $150 off today.

  6. Glass Straw Set Yes, these are a little bougie, but they are so much fun! I use silicone straws all the time, but these glass ones are finding their way to my home this week.

I hope you have some fun shopping the Prime sale tonight and grab some great deals. Reach out if you need help looking for anything particular- there are endless sale options. E-mail me at if you need a hand!

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