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Amazon Prime Day Deals

I can't believe that Amazon added on another Prime Day sale, but I am totally here for it! I'm ordering things ahead of time for Christmas and have already made some great purchases. I'll include my some of my favorite affordable home deals below!

Links below are clickable & commission-able.

  1. Stanley Quick Flip Go- Stanley water bottles are all the rage right now. If you need a smaller, more portable size, this 24 oz. flip top bottle is made from stainless steel and has double insulation. These also have a lifetime warranty!

  2. Ziplock Bag Organizer- I've been eyeing these ziplock bag organizers and most are around $40. I found this one yesterday and it's under $20. I did an overnight Amazon delivery and already have it in hand. It's great quality and definitely worth every penny to make your drawers look more organized.

  3. JBL Portable Speaker- All of my kids love these portable speakers and during the sale, they are 30% off. I grabbed a new one for my daughter for Christmas. These make great gifts and JBL is a high quality & dependable brand.

  4. Portable Steamer- This is the steamer that I use. I don't iron anything anymore! It's 38% off through tonight!

  5. Silicone Baking Mats- Get a 2 pack for $7.18. Silicone mats are great to have around during the holidays. Line your baking sheets with these before making cookies, cool homemade candies, or use to roll your dough on.

  6. Shaped Glass Drinking Glasses- EVERY time I have company, I get compliments on these glasses. They are so stylish and under $30 for a set of 10 during the Prime Day sale. They are 40% off!

  7. Queen Mattress- We have bought this mattress over and over again and are never disappointed. It is almost 50% off right now. They come delivered to your door for free in a box. Take the box to the room you want the mattress in and pop it open. The mattress will expand and it is great quality. I have these in all my spare rooms and sent one to College Station for Colton's college room. It's regularly $400 and is $205 right now!

  8. Air Fryer- I had not owned an air fryer until 2021. When Caitlyn and I moved, I decided to try one and I use it every day. It makes the BEST french fries, roasted veggies, and I constantly reheat food in it so that it gives a crispy texture. It's 20% off during the sale.

I hope you find some great deals during the sale today. Have a great Wednesday!

xo, Carrie


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