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amazon prime college dorm deals

I've created a top ten list below with deals from the Amazon Prime Sale. If you have kids heading off to college, this list is for you! I have one son who has already graduated and another beginning his Junior year at Texas A&M, so I KNOW how expensive dorm prep is. I've searched through the deals and found some good ones you might want to take advantage of.

The Amazon Prime sale officially begins at midnight (PT) on July 11th and ends at 11:59 (PT) on Tuesday the 13th, but deals are already starting to post and there are some "lightening deals" that will change each day. First, you need to be an Amazon Prime Member to shop the sale. You can get a FREE trial membership for 30 days, but I've found that the membership is a huge benefit with fast, free shipping and unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows through Prime Video and free books in Prime Reading. Click link below to get your membership:

I just recently learned that students can get a FREE trial 6 month membership and then it is only 1/2 price after that! Here is the link for the student membership:

CLICK ANY OF THE PICS BELOW TO SHOP THESE TOP TEN The pics below are paid links.

  1. Mattres Pad- If I could suggest only one item for your kiddos dorm room, it would be a good mattress topper. The beds in a dorm are honestly just gross and they are way too thin for good sleeping. This one below is priced well and is 2" thick. The same brand has a 3" version that is about $25 more.


2. Serta Pillowcase Protectors- comes in a set of two. If you have a boy, I hate to break it to you, but they don't wash their sheets at college like you would want them to!


3. Serta Deep Pocket Bed Sheets- Almost all dorm beds are size Twin XL. This set is on sale right now for under $20


4. Comforter- Serta Hypoallergenic 2 piece duvet set. This one is a GREAT deal. It's on sale for $25, but when you click the coupon box, it takes another 25% off. Available in pink, grey, or white in the Twin XL size.


5. Shower Curtain- This might be an item you want to keep in the package until you do your student move-in. We found some misinformation over the years and sometimes there were showers with glass doors and sometimes a tub style that needed a curtain. On move-in weekend, the local stores are usually out of almost everything, so it's better to be prepared. Plus, this shower curtain is super cute and is 73% OFF right now!


6. Shoe Organizer- Maximizing your storage space is the main priority in a small dorm room. This 24 pocket organizer doesn't have to be used just for shoes. It creates tons of spaces to store items and the pockets are clear for 100% visibility of everything you are organizing!


7. Garment Steamer- This is an item you don't need until you need it. I've received more than one panic call about needing a dress shirt for an event and it's been wadded in a corner of the closet for a month. I have to remind them that the steamer is in a box under their bed!


8. Towel Set- This set is over 50% off during Amazon Prime sales. It includes two body towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. If your child is rooming with multiple kids, I've always suggested to them that they each pick a different color to make it easy to tell who they belong to.


9. Clothes Hangers- These sets of 50 hangers are a great deal and the velvet helps keep the clothes on the hangers. There are solid black ones as well if you have a boy.


10. Compact Mini Fridge- This Black & Decker mini fridge is 2.5 cubic feet with a small freezer space. Right now, it's 22% off during the sale and is an Amazon Choice product.


Wishing you and your kiddos a great start to a new school year. If this is your first baby going off to college, I PROMISE it's going to be okay!


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