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Amazon Cozy Clothes

I promise this is the last blog post today for Amazon sale items! There have been some incredible Black Friday type deals the last two days and it comes to an end tonight at midnight! I've saved the best for last... all the comfy, cozy, cuteness you will want for the coming Winter season.

Links below are shoppable and earn commissions.

  1. High Waisted Leggings- I wore these yesterday and they are comfy! I wouldn't call these Lulu dupes, but they are definitely great leggings to have around and under $20. Order true to your normal size.

  2. Hair Claw Clips- $13 for an 8 pack of neutral hair clips. YEEESSS! Stocking Stuffer??

  3. Oversized Quarter Zip Hoodie- I picked this one up in the Apricot color and love the contrast on the zipper. It's a simple hoodie, but I like the way the neckline lays & will definitely have this on rotation this Fall. It's only $26! I went up one size in this to make it more oversized.

  4. Two Piece Lounge Set- I haven't received these yet, but I ordered them. Only $28 for a 2 piece set. I love Amazon's return policy. If you don't love something when it arrives, it is so easy to return!

  5. Jogger Pants- THESE! These are an almost identical match to Lululemon joggers. They are on sale for $28.49. Grab them in several colors- you won't regret it. Get true to size.

  6. Puffer Jacket- Oh my, this is so cute. It has all the Free People vibes and it's 25% off today.

  7. Long Sleeve Flannel Button Down- I have this in several colors and for $25 each, you should grab a few too!

  8. Fanny Pack- These aren't on Prime sale, but they are under $20 and awesome. Lululemon is constantly sold out, so here is a chance to get one for a 1/3 of the price.

That's it ladies. I hope these lists helped you find some good deals today. Have a wonderful night.

xo, Carrie


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